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Hinton, Summers, West Virginia


City/Town : Latitude: 37.6740080, Longitude: -80.8892539


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allen, Julia Ann  3 Dec 1921Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I29744
2 Barker, Joseph L  8 Nov 1863Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I137655
3 Buckland, Danny Lee  15 Jan 1960Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I55100
4 Buckland, Dorothy Anne  11 May 1923Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I56621
5 Buckland, Ina Susan  14 Aug 1929Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I55943
6 Buckland, Julia Fair  24 Jul 1932Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I47532
7 Buckland, Orval Lancin  14 May 1923Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I24106
8 Buckland, William Elbert  17 Feb 1886Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I55689
9 Cox, Margaret Susan "Maggie"  13 Dec 1892Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I55690
10 Deeds, Cindy Lou  11 Oct 1960Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I28222
11 Deeds, Drema Frances  16 Oct 1944Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I11486
12 Deeds, Evelyn Josephine  20 May 1924Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I55595
13 Deeds, Frances L  May 1918Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I62435
14 Deeds, Hazel Ann  8 Oct 1942Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I11487
15 Fox, Martha Ellen  7 Jun 1909Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I103266
16 Gilpin, Edith Jo  8 Jan 1933Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I55511
17 Graham, George Buford  21 Dec 1951Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I46805
18 Grimmett, Andrew Jackson  7 Oct 1845Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I17716
19 Grimmett, Bulah  25 Dec 1918Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I56263
20 Grimmett, Calvin  22 Nov 1925Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I56266
21 Grimmett, Clark  7 Mar 1842Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I55964
22 Grimmett, Elbert French  14 Feb 1878Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I150427
23 Grimmett, Erastus Clay  6 Feb 1856Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I55468
24 Grimmett, Genesee  19 Apr 1913Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I56268
25 Grimmett, Gladys  1910Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I56262

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ayers, Charles William  14 Nov 1992Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I25092
2 Ayers, Grover Homer  19 Jan 1975Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I59123
3 Ayers, Mary Ann  20 Jan 1969Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I39860
4 Ayers, Otaka Mae  18 Sep 1938Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I25091
5 Barker, Sarah Susan Moriah  21 Sep 1892Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I133369
6 Bragg, Charlie Nelson  15 Dec 1970Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I52737
7 Bragg, Jessie Winfield  27 May 1975Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I34641
8 Buckland, Danny Lee  24 Jun 1985Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I55100
9 Buckland, William Elbert  4 Mar 1964Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I55689
10 Cox, Ernest Lee  23 Oct 1991Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I31437
11 Cox, Margaret Susan "Maggie"  23 Oct 1946Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I55690
12 Cox, Silas Green  31 May 1968Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I31438
13 Crum, Mahlon L  27 Oct 1979Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I10236
14 Deeds, Allen Frank  Jan 1970Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I23073
15 Deeds, Cindy Lou  11 Oct 1960Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I28222
16 Deeds, Drema Frances  3 May 1949Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I11486
17 Deeds, Erma Nelly  1987Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I58392
18 Deeds, Evelyn Josephine  28 Oct 1927Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I55595
19 Deeds, Frances L  17 Nov 1919Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I62435
20 Deeds, Hazel Ann  3 May 1949Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I11487
21 Deeds, Nina  Dec 1972Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I56501
22 Deeds, Norma V  Feb 1969Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I25995
23 Foster, Ernest Lewis  12 Feb 1962Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I48085
24 Fox, Martha Ellen  Abt 1964Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I103266
25 Graham, Cecil Homer  28 Mar 1987Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I20324

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Deeds, George Oscar  Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I10091
2 Deeds, Robert Mason  Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I10088
3 Hinton, John  Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I118284
4 Johnson, Leona Mae  Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I10087
5 Richmond, Jacob Thomas  Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I14784
6 Richmond, Wellington Wesley "Reverend"  Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I55135


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Meadows, Parris Wililam  20 Jan 1831Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I56173


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Cox, Ernest Lee  1935/1993Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I31437
2 Cox, Ernest Lee  1935/1993Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I31437
3 Cox, Ernest Lee  1935/1993Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I31437
4 Ellison, Anna Mae  1930Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I11488
5 Willey, Anna June  1930Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I11485
6 Willey, Douglas E  1930Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I58385
7 Willey, Frank H  1930Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I11489
8 Willey, Hazel J  1930Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I58386
9 Willey, Luvira  1930Hinton, Summers, West Virginia I57122


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cox / Durham  10 Feb 1944Hinton, Summers, West Virginia F13276
2 Richmond / Lewis  1914Hinton, Summers, West Virginia F20207

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