Acie Family Origin

Spelling variants of the name include: Aasa, Acce, Acee, Acey, Acy, Acye, Asa, Asye, Asee, Asey, Asie, Asye and Asy.

The Acie Surname traces back to Peter or Petre Acie in Kirk Ella, Yorkshire, England. He was a farmer and owned quite a bit of land. His GrandsonWilliam Acie Jr. was the 1st to immigrate to America from Kirk Ella, Yorkshire, England.

William immigrated on the John of London with the party of Reverand Ezekial Rogers. They arrived late in the year 1638 and spent the winter in Salem. In the spring of 1639 they moved to and were living in Rowley, Essex County Ma. where he had a grant of land. He also bought land in Topsfield, but continued to live in Rowley. He was constable in 1654 and held other town offices. He was "very aged" when he made his will April 22, 1689; it was proved Sept 30, 1690.

William was a Proprietor of Rowley in 1643 and a town officer. Wife Margaret Haiton. He made an agreement April 21, 1675 with son John and daughter Mary, wife of Charles Brown, concerning his estate. Will dated 22 April 1689, being very aged, probated 30 Sept. 1690; grandchildren John Brown of Rowley, Nathaniel and Ebenezer B.; son John A.'s 3 daughters Elizabeth, Hannah & Margaret. ("Pioneers of Massachusetts," Charles H. Pope, 1986)

According to "Immigrants to America Before 1750," in the "Magazine of American Genealogy," Aug., 1929, he was at Rowley in 1643; at Boston in 1657 and again at Rowley in 1677. A son Joseph was baptized at the First Church, Boston 28 June 1657, according to Savage, but if indeed the same William was the father, it was likely by another wife.